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Ǝmäkina Mädane ‘Aläm

This church was built inside a large cave at 3000 m elevation near the crest of the Ǝmäkina ridge, which runs from Mount Abunä Yosef to above Gännätä Maryam. It can only be reached on foot, after a 3-hour climb from Gännätä Maryam. It is a small basilica in form, in late-Aksumite style, although the typical ‘layer-cake’ appearance (see Yǝmrǝḥannä Krǝstos, below) is made with alternating layers of red tufa rock and grey stone rubble, rather than timber and masonry. The dome and saddleback roof are similar to those of Yǝmrǝḥannä Krǝstos church. The interior walls and wooden ceilings are decorated with paintings in a style resembling that used in Gännätä Maryam.

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